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Wow !!!

The sun is rising and the weather seems to welcome our day pleasantly. We woke up earlier that morning although there’s no school that day. We checked our luggage once again to ensure that everything is on there possition and there’s nothing left behind. We hate to admit that today was our last day at Singapore. At 9 AM, we checked out from our hotel and had our breakfast. At 10 AM, we hit the road and left the hotel with full of excitement. We are going to Universal Studios of Singapore or many people prefer to say USS. We had so much fun there. We took many pictures, go for a ride on the red and blue roller coaster, Jurasic park journey, and the most amazing of all THE TRANSFORMERS. Although we don’t have many times there, we are happy enough. After that, we went to shop at Lucky Plaza. That plaza was a great place to buy some souvenir for our dearest friends and family because of the More >

Learning is fun!

Just as yesterday, we went to school from 7.00. At school we learned English, Chemistry, Math, Physical Education, and Mother-tongue. We learned trigonometry in Math class. Some of us joined the 2,4 km running assessment. But it was so tiring, so we decided to walk. In the Mother-tongue class, some of us learned Chinese and even Tamil, which is the Indian language. Tamil sounded so weird to our ears. We looked like Eeyore since we couldn’t even know anything about it. Before we left our school, we had practised our performance for the farewell. Then, we went to Singapore Science Center. We saw scientific things in a very interesting form, like electricity, mathematics, sound, design, logic, and technology. We enjoyed our time there. After that, we headed to Chinatown. We had our dinner and shopped there. At 6.45 pm, we were brought by bus back to the hotel and w #gallery-2 More >


Aaa, it’s Tuesday! Today, we got up at 5 today to take a bath and have breakfast. At 6.45, the bus arrived at the hotel to pick us up to go to KCPSS. As the previous day, we joined Morning Assembly before we studied with our buddies. Today we studied Social Studies, Biology, and Chemistry. In Social Studies class, we learned about the difference between Singapore’s and UK’s healthcare system. We studied chemical equilibrium in reaction in Chemistry class. In the Biology class, we had a practical about mammals’ carbohydrate absorption, Before we left the school, we watched the special performance from Petra Youth Orchestra at the school hall. After watching the lovely performance, we had lunch together with our buddy and PYO members at the school canteen. Through the rainy weather, we headed to Marina Bay with our buddies but we couldn’t be in the same bus. Arriving there, we took More >

It’s Monday!

It’s our first day at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School! We were so excited! We woke up at 5 o’clock and prepared ourselves. We had breakfast at 6 at the hotel’s cafe. We went off to school by bus at 6.30 in the morning and the sky was still so dark. Arriving at KCPSS, we were brought to gather in a room with the Singaporean buddies. Our buddies were all in Secondary 3. Then, we joined the Morning Assembly. In the morning assembly, we heard message from the principal Elsie Rajaratnam about Easter. We also sang Singapore anthem and KCPSS song. After the assembly, we got to know who our buddies were and played games together. It was fun! After that, we joined the lessons in the classroom. We were separated into different classes with each buddy. In the class, we studied many things, such as English, Chemistry, Social Studies, and Chinese. Most of our buddies had Chinese test and we More >

Tiring but Exciting!

It was our very first day. We had to wake up at and go to Juanda International Airport. We were very sleepy but still excited. On this first day of Exchange Program, we wore Yellow shirt as our uniform. We flew with China Airlines at and arrived in Singapore at 9 am Singapore time. After collecting our bagagge we directly head to Esplanade Theatre. There, we walked around and took a lot of pictures. After that we took Hippo River Cruise. We saw many interesting places such as Fullerton Hotel, Merlion Statue, Clarke Quay, and Marina Bay Sands. Then we observed the whole city from an interesting point. Guess what? Singapore Flyer!!! It was exciting and we all enjoyed the flight. By the time, the bus took us to Peninsula Excelsior Hotel where we would stay for the next few days. It’s a beautiful and lovely place. Although we were so exhausted, we looked for our late lunch and More >

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