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We Did It!


Today was probably one of the best days in our one-week journey in Singapore. Not just because this is weekend and we were going to Sentosa, we were also able to woke up later (in Indonesian: mbangkong)! We were going to visit Singapore Management University (SMU) today. The bus arrived at 9.30 and we set off.  The bus had to turn around and around the university before finally we could get inside the SMU. There we were explained about the SMU in general, what made it  different from NTU or NUS, their scholarship program, and everything else. We also told that they had 15 thousand applicants this year! After the university introduction, Adrian, Petra 1′s alumnus studying in SMU, showed us around the university.  We got back to the hotel but didn’t go down (so basically just passed by) and headed to Mongolian Restaurant. The restaurant was crowded.  It was a buffet restaurant, so More >



Sun rose and shone over Singapore. Morning has come, today has began…and today we had to say goodbye to our beloved buddies. Yes, today was our last day at Kou Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School . And today too, we had a farewell performance. So we woke up earlier, had breakfast earlier and departed earlier to school. We arrived at 6.50 am and went straight to the hall. There we saw the National Civil Defence Cadet Corps had their practice for the morning assembly. We had one round rehearsal, then we went backstage and waited for our turn to perform. At 7.40, we performed our Farewell Performance. The performance opened with Suwe Ora Jamu by recorder and dance, then Sik Sik, Ayo Mama, and the last was We’re All in This Together which we sang with our buddies. It was really fun and people said the performance was really good and we did a good job.  After that, we had photo sessions More >

Being a scientist for one day :D


Zao an! Today is the day four of our journey in the Lion Country, Singapore. Like the previous days we woke up, went downstairs for breakfast, and headed to KCPSS at 6.45 with our bus. We attended the morning assembly at the school hall, and after it was over we headed to our classes.

The school ended early today because the sec-3 students had a common test. We wanted to rehearse our performance for the farewell tomorrow but the drum wasn’t prepared yet, so our buddies took us to canteen to wait and we had lunch there.

After finished eating we were told the drum couldn’t be used today but we decided to rehearse anyway.  And when we try the stage…it was way bigger and wider than the place we used at school. So we had to run instead of walking, adjust the distance between our friends, and everything else. The rehearsal ended at 2 o’clock and the bus arrived at the same time. We got in More >

Yey! Outing with buddies… :D

The second day of school…group 3 was getting ready. The bus didn’t come as early as yesterday so we had a chance to sleep longer :p. Unfortunately one of our group member, Aldy, fell sick yesterday and haven’t recovered till today, so he stayed at the hotel and unable to follow the activities today. The bus picked us up at 6.45. And when we arrived at KCPSS, we were welcomed by our buddies. We followed morning assembly at the hall and at 8 o’clock headed to our classes to study. At 1.30 pm, left our classes to watch the Petra Youth Orchestra concert with the sec-1 students at the hall. The concert lasted for 30 minutes and it was so cool. We recognized one of the songs they performed were the song of Disney’s Toy Story . There was also chinese music instrument combined with violin, flute, and cello performance. We had our lunch with our buddies at 2 and at 3 we set off to Art Science More >

Our First Day at School


Finally another day came. Today is our first school day in Singapore. We woke up at 5 am. then go downstairs for breakfast at 5.30. The bus picked us up at 6.30, and in about 30 minutes we arrived at KCPSS. RKuo Chuan is great… The school was wide and so big! People there were so friendly… We couln’t wait to meet our buddies. Yeah!  We started the day with the morning assembly at the school hall. Then after that, we met our buddies.  For an hour we were having ice breaking with our buddies; we played games and tried to get to know each other. It was so fun!   After that we went to our classes. One period lasted for 35 minutes. After we had two periods, we had recess. We got back after the recess was over and continued our classes. Their lessons were similar to ours and it weren’t too hard to follow.


Finally it’s 2 pm and the schools’ over. We had lunch at the school’s canteen then More >

Welcome to Singapore


The yellow soldiers marched to Juanda International Airport…to Petra Exchange Programme Singapore 2012! We boarded to the plane at 06.15 a.m Surabaya time, and because it was so early most of us had our breakfast in the plane. We arrived at 09.30 Singapore time at Changi International Airport and by bus, we took off to Esplanade Theater. It was searing hot and in a flash our skin got burnt. Then we took pictures with the Marina Bay as the backdrop. So great! After that, we roamed in the Singapore river with the Hippo Cruise and the crews there explained about the view around the river and the basic Singapore City in general. It was a really exicting experience. The crews were so friendly and nice.  Then we went to the Singapore Fliers, we could see all parts of Singapore from this Fliers, the view was breath-taking. Hahaha. We were very tired then so we went to our hotels to take a More >

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