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It’s Monday!

It’s our first day at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School! We were so excited! We woke up at 5 o’clock and prepared ourselves. We had breakfast at 6 at the hotel’s cafe. We went off to school by bus at 6.30 in the morning and the sky was still so dark. Arriving at KCPSS, we were brought to gather in a room with the Singaporean buddies. Our buddies were all in Secondary 3. Then, we joined the Morning Assembly. In the morning assembly, we heard message from the principal Elsie Rajaratnam about Easter. We also sang Singapore anthem and KCPSS song. After the assembly, we got to know who our buddies were and played games together. It was fun! After that, we joined the lessons in the classroom. We were separated into different classes with each buddy. In the class, we studied many things, such as English, Chemistry, Social Studies, and Chinese. Most of our buddies had Chinese test and we More >

Hi Buddies! :p



Ring – ring. Our room’s phone rang and gave us an automatic morning call. We were so lazy to wake up in that early morning. It felt like to sleep all along in our rooms hahaha :p After we took a bath, we went to the restaurant in the hotel and had breakfast. Our breakfast was so yummy :9 There was a bus that brought us to Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School. At 7p.m, we arrived at school. We were so amazed once we entered the school :O the school is large enough. Eventhough we were so sleepy, we were so excited to meet our buddies. We had a morning assembly at first, which was like a morning reflection at our school, in the school hall. We were introduced to our buddies by Ms. Lo. Then, we went to the dance class hall and played some games with our buddies. After it was done, we went to our classrooms and followed the subjects there. There were maths, Chinese-which was hard for More >

The Journey Has Begun! :)

Hello fellas!!! We’re the 4th group There are Yehuda, Raoul, Thesia, Nelfie, and Janice. Today was the very first day of the student exchange program. We felt very excited,you know We started from early in the morning for we had to arrive at Juanda International Airport @ 4p.m. Even though our flight was @6a.m, we had to come two hours ahead. It was difficult to wake up that early though *hoaams* *yawning (=|*. We went to Singapore by China Airlines and we arrived @9p.m local time. The next stop was the Esplanade Theater. They look like giant durians! We went there by bus. We took a lot of pictures and wandered around. After awhile we had a river tour by hippo cruise. It is a cruise that goes around Singapore river to take a look of historical places and Singapore’s riverside’s buildings. It was very hot yet interesting. The next trip was to the Singapore Flyer. But we had to walk More >

Tiring but Exciting!

It was our very first day. We had to wake up at and go to Juanda International Airport. We were very sleepy but still excited. On this first day of Exchange Program, we wore Yellow shirt as our uniform. We flew with China Airlines at and arrived in Singapore at 9 am Singapore time. After collecting our bagagge we directly head to Esplanade Theatre. There, we walked around and took a lot of pictures. After that we took Hippo River Cruise. We saw many interesting places such as Fullerton Hotel, Merlion Statue, Clarke Quay, and Marina Bay Sands. Then we observed the whole city from an interesting point. Guess what? Singapore Flyer!!! It was exciting and we all enjoyed the flight. By the time, the bus took us to Peninsula Excelsior Hotel where we would stay for the next few days. It’s a beautiful and lovely place. Although we were so exhausted, we looked for our late lunch and More >

Our First Day at School


Finally another day came. Today is our first school day in Singapore. We woke up at 5 am. then go downstairs for breakfast at 5.30. The bus picked us up at 6.30, and in about 30 minutes we arrived at KCPSS. RKuo Chuan is great… The school was wide and so big! People there were so friendly… We couln’t wait to meet our buddies. Yeah!  We started the day with the morning assembly at the school hall. Then after that, we met our buddies.  For an hour we were having ice breaking with our buddies; we played games and tried to get to know each other. It was so fun!   After that we went to our classes. One period lasted for 35 minutes. After we had two periods, we had recess. We got back after the recess was over and continued our classes. Their lessons were similar to ours and it weren’t too hard to follow.


Finally it’s 2 pm and the schools’ over. We had lunch at the school’s canteen then More >

Welcome to Singapore


The yellow soldiers marched to Juanda International Airport…to Petra Exchange Programme Singapore 2012! We boarded to the plane at 06.15 a.m Surabaya time, and because it was so early most of us had our breakfast in the plane. We arrived at 09.30 Singapore time at Changi International Airport and by bus, we took off to Esplanade Theater. It was searing hot and in a flash our skin got burnt. Then we took pictures with the Marina Bay as the backdrop. So great! After that, we roamed in the Singapore river with the Hippo Cruise and the crews there explained about the view around the river and the basic Singapore City in general. It was a really exicting experience. The crews were so friendly and nice.  Then we went to the Singapore Fliers, we could see all parts of Singapore from this Fliers, the view was breath-taking. Hahaha. We were very tired then so we went to our hotels to take a More >

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