Hello fellas!!! We’re the 4th group ;-) There are Yehuda, Raoul, Thesia, Nelfie, and Janice. Today was the very first day of the student exchange program. We felt very excited,you know ;-) We started from early in the morning for we had to arrive at Juanda International Airport @ 4p.m. Even though our flight was @6a.m, we had to come two hours ahead. It was difficult to wake up that early though *hoaams* *yawning (=|*. We went to Singapore by China Airlines and we arrived @9p.m local time. The next stop was the Esplanade Theater. They look like giant durians! We went there by bus. We took a lot of pictures and wandered around. After awhile we had a river tour by hippo cruise. It is a cruise that goes around Singapore river to take a look of historical places and Singapore’s riverside’s buildings. It was very hot yet interesting. The next trip was to the Singapore Flyer. But we had to walk all the way to the place from Hippo Cruise Terminal. We think it wasn’t  as impressive because we rode it at noon. And … tadaa! :D Finally, it was the time for us to go to the hotel. Our hotel is Peninsula Excelssior. Because of the rooms weren’t ready yet, we had lunch first at Peninsula Plaza *sigh, superb tired*. Nevertheless, we bought Singapore’s local number. There were some troubles at first. Because many of us have blackberry, and we wanted to take the packet. Luckily, with the help from the seller we could solve that problems.  We went back to hotel. There, Mr. Endra gave us our room’s key and we were able to take a rest. At 7.30p.m we had our dinner in Raffles City. There were so many choices, like Japanese food, Korean food, Chinese food, etc. At last we went back to the hotel  at 10p.m. And you know, we almost got lost! But we made it and all of us arrived at the hotel safely.


It was tiring but we had a lot of new experiences. And from these new experiences we know we can learn a lot about responsibility, obedience, and respectfulness and what we mostly get is the gathering between friends.