Ring – ring. Our room’s phone rang and gave us an automatic morning call. We were so lazy to wake up in that early morning. It felt like to sleep all along in our rooms hahaha :p After we took a bath, we went to the restaurant in the hotel and had breakfast. Our breakfast was so yummy :9 There was a bus that brought us to Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School. At 7p.m, we arrived at school. We were so amazed once we entered the school :O the school is large enough. Eventhough we were so sleepy, we were so excited to meet our buddies. We had a morning assembly at first, which was like a morning reflection at our school, in the school hall. We were introduced to our buddies by Ms. Lo. Then, we went to the dance class hall and played some games with our buddies. After it was done, we went to our classrooms and followed the subjects there. There were maths, Chinese-which was hard for some of us since we never had any Chinese lesson at all-,English, etc. Because we were still sooo sleepy, some of us fell asleep at class LOL. One of our friend, Aldi, was sick. So he couldn’t join the Pastoral Care in the school hall with us *get well very soon, Aldi! J*. At 3p.m, we were heading to the Singapore City Gallery. We saw some pictures and videos about Singapore and its history. There were city building miniatures, too! They are really unique and beautiful! ;) We learnt about how fast Singapore’s progress is. From a county which was dirty, simple, and untidy one, became a country which is gorgeous, tidy and green. We also learnt how Singapore has tricked its land which is really narrow to build so many buildings. Not to forget, we *absolutely* took a lot of pictures! J hehe And, suddenly, one of us, Bram, lost his iTouch! :x We were shocked. Actually Bram was just too careless to leave it inside the gallery. Fortunately, Ms. Natalie unintentionally found it and kept it inside her bag to make him feel more responsible. It made us all realize to be more responsible too.J

At 6.30 we went to Orchard Road. We got separated and we went on different ways. Eventhough we were tired, we were so happy because we could buy clothes, food, souvenirs, and many more. It was a tiring day but we had so much fun, we know how Singapore school’s system is like and how much progress has the Singapore city had. We also shopped at Orchard Road which was so much fun.