FUN! That word explains how our third day was. Unlike yesterday, today we prepared 30 minutes later than the first & second day. After we had breakfast, we went to the school and followed classes. Some of us were proud, because they felt much smarter than the KCPians some subjects. They could answer all the test questions fast and easily hahaha. @1.15p.m, we watched Petra Youth Orchestra concert at school main hall. They were amazing! We were soo amazed*.* then, we had lunch which had been prepared by the school. We went to the marina bay sands @3p.m by bus. Our buddies went there, too! But by another bus. We met at marina bay and we took some pictures. Not long after that we rushed to go to the titanic ɑ hundred years memorial exhibition. It was stunning and memorable. We had ɑ lot of wonderful times, wandered around the exhibition. The tour guide explained ɑ lot about how titanic first made, sailed, and contents. But unluckily, we couldn’t take any picture there :( sob.
Next, we went to Andy Warhol for about 15 minutes. We weren’t so interested at art so we only took ɑ quick glance through everything. There were so many pictures, art things, paintings, and many more about Andy Warhol’s masterpieces and history. After we finished observing the art collections, we went back to the hotel and picked up Ms Natalie and Aldy , who couldn’t join us the whole day because Aldy was so sick and Ms Natalie had to accompany him. We went to the restaurant together and had dinner. At nine p.m we headed back to the hotel and .. Tadaa !?!?!! Finally we could lay on our lovely bed and sleeeppp zzzz.

It’s really nice to learn about something new. Especially on this day, we have learnt more facts about titanic. We never thought before that it would be that amazing and beautiful. Even though we were ɑ little bit felt disappointed for we couldn’t take any picture, but we got some souvenirs from there :)