What ɑ disastrous morning! Yeah, many of us were so late this morning. Some of us could only drink milk because we almost ran out of time. Maybe we were too tired aahhh –” Luckily, we made it and were able to arrive at school in time. As usual, we joined the morning assembly at school main hall. This morning, the morning assembly wasn’t too long. We went back to the classroom, then. We had ɑ rest for 35 minutes. You know, there are vending machines in the school! Maybe there are 3 of which. We just needed to enter the coins, chose the drink we wanted, and pushed the button *hope in our school we have that vending machine too haha :p*. The canteen was so crowded when we have our break. So we didn’t eat and just sat with our buddies and friends. Today, we didn’t join the last subject because we had to practice for tomorrow’s farewell performance. Before we practiced, we had lunch @2p.m, the bus picked us up at school and brought us to the Singapore Science Centre. When we were on the way there, we practiced our performance. It was fun!

The Science Centre was fulfilled with so many amazing stuffs we could have never thought about. There are Mathematics, Sound, DNA Lab *we can check our DNA there! ;) *, Marine Alcove, Robotics, and many more sections. We took tons of pictures and had ɑ wonderful time there. Unluckily, Mr. Endra got ɑ little bit pissed off because of our friends. They were so late to gather at the bus. After that, we went to the Chinatown at 5.15. 

Actually, Chinatown wasn’t as interesting as we thought before. It was ɑ dirty and crowded place. Everyone there speaks mandarin *and we can’t speak mandarin at all LOL*. We got separated there and shopped! :D some of us bought food, clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. This time, we could gather in time ;) we went back to the hotel and had dinner at the mall behind the hotel.Tonight, we shouldn’t be sleeping too late for tomorrow, we must wake up so early in the morning *so sleepyyy*.
Even-thoughtoday wasn’t as exciting as yesterday, but we could learn so much at Singapore Science Centre and shopped at Chinatown. We now know that language is very important for us to communicate with foreigners. So, because you’re young and you still have so much spare time, improve your language ability! Learning various languages won’t be such ɑ waste ;) remember that. See you tomorrow..:D