Time runs so fast, today is already the fourth day of our Student Exchange Programme. We felt so much comfort and warmth with our buddies even more but we knew tomorrow we would have to say farewell L Today we woke up as early as usual to go to school, we took a bath and had breakfast together. We rushed to the bus and arrived at Kuo Chuan School, greeted by our loving buddies. Then, we had some class sessions as usual and chattered together during recess. Half an hour before going home, we went to the auditorium to practice for farewell for the next day.

Science Center was our next destination. Science Center is a good place to enhance our knowledge. It was an interesting place to visit because we can learn and play at the same time. Upon arriving, a moving dinosaur which was almost as big as a real dinosaur greeted us. The first part of the Science Center was full of optical illusions which didn’t fail to impress every one of us. There were also other parts about sound, robotics, virus, outer space, nature, laboratorium, and others. We barely had enough time to look around all of the parts of the Science Center because it was huge. We can learn about physics, biology, and all about science there. After that, we went to China Town to look around and had our dinner. Feeling exhausted, we went back to our hotel. We hope tomorrow will be an unforgetable day because it will be the last day we see our buddies.