Aaa, it’s Tuesday! Today, we got up at 5 today to take a bath and have breakfast. At 6.45, the bus arrived at the hotel to pick us up to go to KCPSS. As the previous day, we joined Morning Assembly before we studied with our buddies. Today we studied Social Studies, Biology, and Chemistry. In Social Studies class, we learned about the difference between Singapore’s and UK’s healthcare system. We studied chemical equilibrium in reaction in Chemistry class. In the Biology class, we had a practical about mammals’ carbohydrate absorption, Before we left the school, we watched the special performance from Petra Youth Orchestra at the school hall. After watching the lovely performance, we had lunch together with our buddy and PYO members at the school canteen. Through the rainy weather, we headed to Marina Bay with our buddies but we couldn’t be in the same bus. Arriving there, we took pictures together with the KCPSS buddies. It was about to rain, so we rushed to Art Science Museum. We got an entrance ticket for Titanic and Warhol Exhibition. We were guided by Sarah Young. From the Titanic Exhibition, we knew the history and saw some artifacts of the 100-old-year-sunk-ship. We also entered the Warhol Exhibition which showed everything about Andy Warhol, a famous painter illustrator. This fashion museum exhibited his artworks and his biography. After that, we went back to hotel to  and get a dinner before we finally took a rest.