Just as yesterday, we went to school from 7.00. At school we learned English, Chemistry, Math, Physical Education, and Mother-tongue. We learned trigonometry in Math class. Some of us joined the 2,4 km running assessment. But it was so tiring, so we decided to walk. In the Mother-tongue class, some of us learned Chinese and even Tamil, which is the Indian language. Tamil sounded so weird to our ears. We looked like Eeyore since we couldn’t even know anything about it. Before we left our school, we had practised our performance for the farewell. Then, we went to Singapore Science Center. We saw scientific things in a very interesting form, like electricity, mathematics, sound, design, logic, and technology. We enjoyed our time there. After that, we headed to Chinatown. We had our dinner and shopped there. At 6.45 pm, we were brought by bus back to the hotel and w

e took a rest.