Sun rose and shone over Singapore. Morning has come, today has began…and today we had to say goodbye to our beloved buddies.
Yes, today was our last day at Kou Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School . And today too, we had a farewell performance. So we woke up earlier, had breakfast earlier and departed earlier to school.
We arrived at 6.50 am and went straight to the hall. There we saw the National Civil Defence Cadet Corps had their practice for the morning assembly. We had one round rehearsal, then we went backstage and waited for our turn to perform.
At 7.40, we performed our Farewell Performance. The performance opened with Suwe Ora Jamu by recorder and dance, then Sik Sik, Ayo Mama, and the last was We’re All in This Together which we sang with our buddies. It was really fun and people said the performance was really good and we did a good job. 
After that, we had photo sessions and some of us gave our buddies souvenirs. Then we went back to our classes. 
It’s the usual school day, we were in the class studying with our buddies, but at the fourth period we were called in the library and we took pictures, wrote testimonies and comments, and just had fun.
We got back to class after recess and continued studying.
At 2.30 we went upstairs for cooking class with Mrs. Tam. We were taught how to make dumplings. It was made from minced chicken and some other spices. We placed the dumpling skin in the molder, put a bit of the minced chicken in the center of the dumpling skin, push the roller, then ta-da! The dumpling was ready to be fried or boiled. Most of us chose to fry it. The outcome was really delicious (though some of us didn’t like it). We really enjoyed the class. 
After that we proceeded to our CCAs. Some of us went to join the guzheng (Chinese musical instrument), some to drama, and our group member, Claudia, was the only student joined Dance CCA. 
We played games in the drama club. The teacher used the game to taught us how to response quickly and be aware
of our surroundings. In guzheng CCA, we tried the instrument by ourselves because the instructor wasn’t there. 
After CCA we said goodbye, bid our farewell to our buddies. It was a really touching moment, most of the girls cried. It was really sad to leave our buddies. But we were sure that we would meet each other again.
Our bus headed to Takashimaya at 5.30 pm.
We once again arrived at the Orchard Road. We separated with our group, shopped, ate dinner, went to the huge bookstore, Kinokuniya with those great books! 
We went off to our hotel at 8 pm
This is another busy day, tiring, and sad as well because we have to part with our buddies.
But we believe that we may be separated by distance, but never in heart.