Yeah, the farewell finally had came. The day for us to say goodbye. We woke up this morning, and went to school in time. We practiced the songs on the way at bus, too! We arrived there at 6.50amand began to prepare our farewell performance. We prepared the instruments, the microphones, etc. The morning assembly had over and we were called to perform on the stage. We prayed first and we did our best. We asked our buddies to come to the stage at the middle of our performance. It was success! Thanks God{}. After the performance had over, we took lots of pictures with our buddies. The fun part was, there’s no need to follow the first-fourth subject! We went to ɑ room with our buddies, and asked the fb’s name, twitter account, and many more so we could keep in touch. After recess, we followed the subjects as usual. Today we had english. We played ɑ fun game! The material was about persuading.

We had lunch at 2.25p.m and there was ɑ cooking class after that. We were taught to make dumplin. It was easy! There’s ɑ tool to make it easier. We made lots of dumplings. You can choose it! Wheter to light fry, deep fry, or boil it. Most of us chose to deep fry. They were delicious, especially we made it ourselves ;) hahaha We ate them together. There’s ɑ sauce. It looks like tomato sauce. We ate the dumplings with that sauce :) Next, we had cca. It is like an extra lesson at petra. There are guzheng *we played guzheng! Unfortunately, the teacher wasn’t there because tomorrow Kuo Chuan would have ɑ holiday. But, it’s okay ;) There are almost 40 guzheng. Fiuhh, hope that we can have guzheng at our school haha*, drama *we played so much fun games. And the best part was each game had its each lesson. So, we were playing and learning at one time*, dance *we were taugh contempory dance ;) *. We got so much lesson and fun :D