This is the last day for us at Kuo Chuan. Today we went earlier than usual, at 6.30AM because we should prepare for our farewell performance. At 7.45AM, we started the morning assembly. All Kuo Chuan’s student sat in some lines. They read books until their teacher started the morning assembly. There was something different in this morning assembly, Kuo Chuan’s NCDCC (National Civil Defend Cadet Cops) team performed for the NCDCC day. After the performance, we got the chance to perform. We sang Siksik sibatumanikam, Ayo Mama, We’re All in this Together. We also played Suwe Ora Jamu by recorder. We’re very glad that KCPSS students and teachers were pleased with our performances. We felt really satisfied because our hardwork and training wasn’t for nothing.

After the performance, we took pictures together and we went back to our classes. We joined the lesson in our buddy’s class. The class started at 9AM and ended at 2PM. Some of us had Biology Practicum about transportation in plants. Aside from biology, we had a pop quiz in our Mathematics class. Then, we had lunch and joined the cooking class with few of our buddies.

In cooking class we cooked dumplings, one of Chinese traditional recipes. We can choose our own methods for cooking our dumplings. We can either pan fry, deep fry, or boil them. We ate our own cooking, hmmm yummy! After our stomaches were full, we went to CCA classes. There were 3 kinds of CCA; drama, dance, and gu zhang. In drama class, we played games about performing in a play. In gu zhang class, we learned to play different Chinese instruments, which was actually fun and interesting. Neither of us joined the dance class.

CCA class ended, we all gathered and said our farewells. We were very sad because we had to be separated from our buddies who have been very good friends to us for this 4 days. Some of us cried and it was so touching. Finally, we took some pictures together for the last time. We got on the bus, while our buddies running on our side until we reached the school gates. We headed to Orchard again and did some shopping. We also had dinner there. 8.00PM, we went back to our hotel to get some rest.

Today is a really memorable day. It’s the last day we get to see our buddies. Farewells are not forever, we will remain close to each other as long as we keep each other in our hearts :)