Today was probably one of the best days in our one-week journey in Singapore. Not just because this is weekend and we were going to Sentosa, we were also able to woke up later (in Indonesian: mbangkong)!
We were going to visit Singapore Management University (SMU) today. The bus arrived at 9.30 and we set off. 
The bus had to turn around and around the university before finally we could get inside the SMU. There we were explained about the SMU in general, what made it  different from NTU or NUS, their scholarship program, and everything else. We also told that they had 15 thousand applicants this year!
After the university introduction, Adrian, Petra 1′s alumnus studying in SMU, showed us around the university. 
We got back to the hotel but didn’t go down (so basically just passed by) and headed to Mongolian Restaurant.
The restaurant was crowded.  It was a buffet restaurant, so people were in a long line waiting for our food. Some people did cut the line, and it was quite messy. We enjoyed the food, though. We were full and were ready for Sentosa Island.
When we got there, led by Ms.Siti, our tour guide, we entered the Cineblast and experienced the thrilling Extreme Log Adventure. It was a 4D movie, so we really going up when the log was up, slide down when the log did, as if we experienced it ourselves.
Next we moved on to Image of Singapore Museum. We watched a five-minutes show about how Singapore was formed. The museum filled with amazing and interesting objects, so we took a lot of pictures.
Then we proceeded to Merlion Park. In the park stood the majestic Merlion Statue. And there, of course, we took more pictures. 
The monorail was next. We got in and enjoyed a 15 minutes ride then got off. At 7 pm we ate dinner.
At 8.40 pm we watch the Songs of the Sea. It was amazing, wonderful, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping…everything! It was fusion between real people and animation on water-spray screen. The water was colorful with light projections. There was also fireworks. At the end, the water burst so high in the sky, and it was just wow.
We felt so happy and excited and when it was over, we felt like we didn’t want to leave.
At 9.15 pm we headed back to hotel to pack our things, bought souvenirs, and to rest ourselves. The last night in Singapore ended wonderfully. Goodnight, Lion City.