Yippie! Finally the weekend had come and we would have ɑ recreation.
We could weak up so late this morning and had breakfast. We gathered
on the first floor at 9.30 ɑ.m and we went to the Singapore Management
University (SMU) first. We had ɑ university visit there. The person in
charge in SMU explained about SMU’s programmes, scholarships,
subjects, buildings, the differences between SMU and National
University of Singapore (NUS), etc. After that, we came back to the
hotel to pick our tour guide up. Her name is Ms. Siti. She can speaks
both Malay and English. Because of that, we asked her to speak Malay.
She took us to ɑ chinese restaurant to have lunch. We could eat all we
wanted. We finished our lunch and went to Sentosa Island.

We went to Sentosa Island by cable car. We were divided by our group.
It took about 15 minutes to go to Sentosa Island by cable car. When we
got there, we watched ‘Extreme Log Ride’. It’s ɑ 4D movie. It’s was
fun! We sat on ɑ seat which in ɑ big box. Then, we were shaked, moved,
and many more hahaha :D Next, we went to the Museum. Before that, we
watched ɑ movie about Singapore’s history. It took 5 minutes. In the
museum, *as usual :p* we took lots of pictures there. The museum’s
content is about Singapore’s history. Actually, we wanted to ride
Luge. It’s like gokart. But, because of it’s too expensive *$19.60 for
each ride*, decided not to play that ride. So, we just went to the
Marina Park and we took ɑ rest. We rode Monotrail around Sentosa
Island to kill the times. We stayed in that Monotrail for about half
an hour. We had dinner at 7p.m in ɑ restaurant near the monotrail. We
were divided into 3 tables. The table, which there were Rio, Raoulian,
Aldi, and Yehuda, spent tons of food! =)) LOL they spent the rice from
table 1-3. They spent table two’s prawns! :D Then, we walked to the
seashore.We were willing to see Songs of the Sea. At 8.40, it started.
One word for the performance, a-w-e-s-o-m-e!! We had lots and lots of
fun watching it. We were so amused. But we were all too tired so we
were so willing to go back to the hotel. On the way back to the hotel
we sang songs and played games. It was ɑ quick ride back to the hotel.
We directly went back to our own rooms and had ɑ very good rest :D

It’s the last night for us at Singapore. Even though we still wanted
to be here, but we must go home tomorrow. Lots of fun we’ve gained
here, we won’t forget them. Everything that has happened here, it will
last forever in our heart :)