Huft.. The days ran very fast. Today was the last day of our student exchange program in Singapore. This morning, we woke up so late because of our long journey that we had yesterday. Today, we also had to pack our baggage ’cause we would leave Peninsula Excelsior Hotel and went home to Surabaya.. Oh no.. *so sad TT*. After we had packed all our baggage, we had breakfast *yeah, our last breakfast in Singapore :( *. Promptly at 9 o’clock we gathered in Mr. Endra’s room to have a short briefing. After all problems had been cleared, we checked out and left the hotel *bubye Peninsula Hotel! :( *.

We’re going to the Universal Studio Singapore (USS) *as our last destination*, a very intended place to visit. Today, our tourguide’s name was Ms. Gia. We arrived at USS at about 11a.m. We separated by some group. We watched Transformer 4-D. But before it, we had to queue first. It took a very long time, about one and half an hour. But it all was paid by the spectacular show *it really worth it!*. We walked around, we rode “Cyclon” *the blue-awesome roller coaster*, watched Sherk 4-D, and many other spectacular shows. We had lunch at USS, too. We definitely wouldn’t forget to buy some souvenirs and clothes there. But, we couldn’t spend our time too long at USS because we wanted to visit Orchard Road once again to buy souvenirs.

At 4p.m, we arrived at Orchard Road and separated again to buy the stuffs we needed. We gathered in front of the ION A-lobby *one of the mall at Orchard Road* at 6p.m. All of us went to the restaurant by bus to have our last dinner in Singapore. We had dinner at Sakura Restaurant. It’s ɑ japanese restaurant. We took the food by ourself. It’s nice there! The food are complete. There are dessert, complete kind of drinks, and ice cream *yuhuu!*, too! :) All the food are very delicious. But, we must not leave a leftover at Sakura. Because if we have leftover of our food, we will be fined.

Finally, we headed to Changi Airport at 7p.m. On the way to the airport we sang together in the bus B). We arrived at Changi Airport 45 minutes later and said thank you and good bye to the bus driver and our tour guide. We were extremely surprised when we went into the airport , the Kuo Chuan Buddies had been there to meet us for the last time. They specially went to the airport to send us back to Surabaya. We were touched by them. Some of us cried as well as our buddy. We hugged our buddy very tightly and it was the feeling of never wanting to let go that was intensely felt. It made us even harder to leave Singapore and also the buddies. It was sad that we only had four days to be together with them but we already felt like they were a part of the family. But you see, time flies, life goes on. We all had to go back to Surabaya and we had to be at the waiting room at 8 o’clock. We bid our last goodbye and even though we knew we were going to meet again some other time it was always the hardest to tell the people you love goodbye. Promptly at 9.15 pm local time by gate 42 we went into the plane. By China Air CI 751 we went back to surabaya. Around 11.30 local time we arrived at Juanda Airport. It was another feeling of sadness from having to say goodbye that was felt. We had to bid our last goodbye to all Petra buddies too.

From this whole week, we’ve learned so much and we couldn’t express how thankful we are now. We’ve learned a lot about friendship, togetherness, discipline, obedience and most of all, we’ve learned that goodbyes aren’t always forever.

All we would love to say to our buddies is thankyou for the warm welcome. Thank you Kuo Chuan, thankyou Singapore and thank you Petra for this chance for us.. And most importantly, Thank you God for Your kindness.

To all of our buddies, no matter how far we’re separated, we believe that our friendship will remain.

“We’re all in this together, once we know that we are stars. We’re all in this together, and it shows when we stand hand in hand make our dreams come true” Group 4 (Yehuda, Thesia, Nelvi, Janice, Raoul) :)