The sun is rising and the weather seems to welcome our day pleasantly. We woke up earlier that morning although there’s no school that day. We checked our luggage once again to ensure that everything is on there possition and there’s nothing left behind. We hate to admit that today was our last day at Singapore. At 9 AM, we checked out from our hotel and had our breakfast. At 10 AM, we hit the road and left the hotel with full of excitement. We are going to Universal Studios of Singapore or many people prefer to say USS. We had so much fun there. We took many pictures, go for a ride on the red and blue roller coaster, Jurasic park journey, and the most amazing of all THE TRANSFORMERS. Although we don’t have many times there, we are happy enough. After that, we went to shop at Lucky Plaza. That plaza was a great place to buy some souvenir for our dearest friends and family because of the affordable price. After shopping, we went to had our dinner at Sakura. Wow! the foods was so delicious. After had a fine dine at Sakura, we prepared ourself to go to Changi Airport. We are really sad to leave Singapore, but we have to admit that we miss Indonesia so much. At Changi, we had a very pleasant surprise, our buddies from KCPSS was there to say their farewell. Some of Indonesians and Singaporeans buddies cried of joy. Thank God there’s many social network so we can still keep in touch with them. At 9.45 PM, we board ourself and our flight took off from Changi Airport. At last! we arrived at Surabaya at 11 PM Indonesia time. We will never forget our delightful journey. :)