Ni hao ma? -_-a

What ɑ disastrous morning! Yeah, many of us were so late this morning. Some of us could only drink milk because we almost ran out of time. Maybe we were too tired aahhh –” Luckily, we made it and were able to arrive at school in time. As usual, we joined the morning assembly at school main hall. This morning, the morning assembly wasn’t too long. We went back to the classroom, then. We had ɑ rest for 35 minutes. You know, there are vending machines in the school! Maybe there are 3 of which. We just needed to enter the coins, chose the drink we wanted, and pushed the button *hope in our school we have that vending machine too haha :p*. The canteen was so crowded when we have our break. So we didn’t eat and just sat with our buddies and friends. Today, we didn’t join the last subject because we had to practice for tomorrow’s farewell performance. Before we practiced, we had lunch @2p.m, More >

Being a scientist for one day :D


Zao an! Today is the day four of our journey in the Lion Country, Singapore. Like the previous days we woke up, went downstairs for breakfast, and headed to KCPSS at 6.45 with our bus. We attended the morning assembly at the school hall, and after it was over we headed to our classes.

The school ended early today because the sec-3 students had a common test. We wanted to rehearse our performance for the farewell tomorrow but the drum wasn’t prepared yet, so our buddies took us to canteen to wait and we had lunch there.

After finished eating we were told the drum couldn’t be used today but we decided to rehearse anyway.  And when we try the stage…it was way bigger and wider than the place we used at school. So we had to run instead of walking, adjust the distance between our friends, and everything else. The rehearsal ended at 2 o’clock and the bus arrived at the same time. We got in More >

100 Years of Titanic

It’s the third day of our Student Exchange Programme. We started our day by going to K.C.P.S.S. by bus at 06.45 o’clock. After we arrived at Kuo Chuan, we began the morning assembly like yesterday and after that our buddies took us to our classrooms to follow the lessons. Today’s subjects that we learned were Chemistry, Biology, English, and Social Studies. We finished school earlier because Petra Youth Orchestra performed in Kuo Chuan, and we had to saw them. After the concert is finished, we had lunch together with our buddies and prepared to go to Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade. We took pictures with our buddies, but unfortunately it started to rain, so we rushed to the Art Science Museum.

Art Science Museum is the first science museum in the world. There, we started our visit by going to the Titanic  Artefact Exhibition. It was fascinating. We were taken around the museum by a tour More >

Time for School ! :)

Today,we woke up very early in the morning and we had our first lesson at Kuo Chuan School. Although the day is still dark, and even though we were so sleepy, we can’t wait to start our first school day in Kuo Chuan. When we arrived in Kuo Chuan, we were greeted and welcomed by our buddies who are very friendly. After that,we headed to the hall to join the morning assembly. Kuo Chuan Students doing the assembly everyday, to sing the national anthem and to hear the preach and announcements. About 30 minutes later, the morning assembly was finished and we went to the aesthetic room. In this multi-function room, Kuo Chuan buddies arranged some games, and we had an ice breaker session, so we can get knew each other and from the games we could memorize all of Kuo Chuan’s buddies names. Around 9’o clock, we started our first lesson. We assigned to some classes such as More >

Hello Singapore !

Time flies ! The day that we’re waiting are coming ! Today, April, 8th 2012 we gathered at Juanda International Airport at 4.30 AM. Although we’re still sleepy, but we’re so excited about going to Singapore.

After we arrived in Singapore at 8 AM, we picked up our luggage headed to Esplanade. Immediately after we arrived, we took a lot of pictures there for 30 minutes. Esplanade is one of the most famous tourism object in Singapore. Besides from its unique and futuristic architecture, Esplanade is usually used for art exhibition, music concert, and many other art events.

Next, we took a tour around the Singapore River by Hippo Cruise. Hippo Cruise is a boat that had 40 seats. Hippo Cruise also had a tour guide to explain to us about the buildings we saw. In this tour, we saw many bridges and many places. We also learned a little about Singapore’s history. It’s really awesome. Singapore More >

My heart will go on… With you… buddies… !


FUN! That word explains how our third day was. Unlike yesterday, today we prepared 30 minutes later than the first & second day. After we had breakfast, we went to the school and followed classes. Some of us were proud, because they felt much smarter than the KCPians some subjects. They could answer all the test questions fast and easily hahaha. @1.15p.m, we watched Petra Youth Orchestra concert at school main hall. They were amazing! We were soo amazed*.* then, we had lunch which had been prepared by the school. We went to the marina bay sands @3p.m by bus. Our buddies went there, too! But by another bus. We met at marina bay and we took some pictures. Not long after that we rushed to go to the titanic ɑ hundred years memorial exhibition. It was stunning and memorable. We had ɑ lot of wonderful times, wandered around the exhibition. The tour guide explained ɑ lot about how titanic More >

Yey! Outing with buddies… :D

The second day of school…group 3 was getting ready. The bus didn’t come as early as yesterday so we had a chance to sleep longer :p. Unfortunately one of our group member, Aldy, fell sick yesterday and haven’t recovered till today, so he stayed at the hotel and unable to follow the activities today. The bus picked us up at 6.45. And when we arrived at KCPSS, we were welcomed by our buddies. We followed morning assembly at the hall and at 8 o’clock headed to our classes to study. At 1.30 pm, left our classes to watch the Petra Youth Orchestra concert with the sec-1 students at the hall. The concert lasted for 30 minutes and it was so cool. We recognized one of the songs they performed were the song of Disney’s Toy Story . There was also chinese music instrument combined with violin, flute, and cello performance. We had our lunch with our buddies at 2 and at 3 we set off to Art Science More >

It’s Monday!

It’s our first day at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School! We were so excited! We woke up at 5 o’clock and prepared ourselves. We had breakfast at 6 at the hotel’s cafe. We went off to school by bus at 6.30 in the morning and the sky was still so dark. Arriving at KCPSS, we were brought to gather in a room with the Singaporean buddies. Our buddies were all in Secondary 3. Then, we joined the Morning Assembly. In the morning assembly, we heard message from the principal Elsie Rajaratnam about Easter. We also sang Singapore anthem and KCPSS song. After the assembly, we got to know who our buddies were and played games together. It was fun! After that, we joined the lessons in the classroom. We were separated into different classes with each buddy. In the class, we studied many things, such as English, Chemistry, Social Studies, and Chinese. Most of our buddies had Chinese test and we More >

Hi Buddies! :p



Ring – ring. Our room’s phone rang and gave us an automatic morning call. We were so lazy to wake up in that early morning. It felt like to sleep all along in our rooms hahaha :p After we took a bath, we went to the restaurant in the hotel and had breakfast. Our breakfast was so yummy :9 There was a bus that brought us to Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School. At 7p.m, we arrived at school. We were so amazed once we entered the school :O the school is large enough. Eventhough we were so sleepy, we were so excited to meet our buddies. We had a morning assembly at first, which was like a morning reflection at our school, in the school hall. We were introduced to our buddies by Ms. Lo. Then, we went to the dance class hall and played some games with our buddies. After it was done, we went to our classrooms and followed the subjects there. There were maths, Chinese-which was hard for More >

The Journey Has Begun! :)

Hello fellas!!! We’re the 4th group There are Yehuda, Raoul, Thesia, Nelfie, and Janice. Today was the very first day of the student exchange program. We felt very excited,you know We started from early in the morning for we had to arrive at Juanda International Airport @ 4p.m. Even though our flight was @6a.m, we had to come two hours ahead. It was difficult to wake up that early though *hoaams* *yawning (=|*. We went to Singapore by China Airlines and we arrived @9p.m local time. The next stop was the Esplanade Theater. They look like giant durians! We went there by bus. We took a lot of pictures and wandered around. After awhile we had a river tour by hippo cruise. It is a cruise that goes around Singapore river to take a look of historical places and Singapore’s riverside’s buildings. It was very hot yet interesting. The next trip was to the Singapore Flyer. But we had to walk More >

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